You have to make the best choice when getting yourself inked. Lousy tattoo art can leave you with an unwanted, hated, or despised tattoo. Not loving your tattoo or getting bored of it, or having it removed due to unforeseen circumstances can be an unfortunate thing.

New procedures in tattoo removal are being introduced each day. However, these techniques are a bit painful and expensive, or they may take much time. However, if you want to get it done, you should be aware of the different techniques and precautions you need to take. Read on for the best tattoo removal in Bristol.


Can you get a Tattoo removed?

Yes. Tattoos with black ink are easy to remove. The reason for this is that the technique has to deal with a single layer of the pigment. These days colour tattoos are also easy to remove thanks to the advancement of technology and the equipment that practitioners use.

Several Tattoo removal techniques include:


Laser Technology

For many people, laser tattoo removal technique is a mystery. It is a commonly used and effective way to remove tattoos though it is painful and heavy on the pockets. The laser breaks the pigments down in the tattoo, and tiny bits of the pigment gets disposed by the body over time.

Other techniques use less effective methods, but they harm the skin the most. These procedures may risk the surface with permanent damage. Luckily, the laser machine has been the best-proven method for the same.


Other Tattoo Removal Techniques:

  • Wrecking Balm

You can use this balm to fade the hues and colours of the tattoo. The wrecking balm process takes time and patience, but the results are fantastic at the end of it. It would take much time to complete the process, but you will be happy with the end result. If you have the patience and dedication to fade the tattoo away steadily, you should definitely opt for this treatment.

  • Plastic Surgery

It is the quickest fix and least expensive method for tattoo removal. It is a bit painful but brings about the desired results. You can go with an entire laser process, or your plastic surgeon can graft another layer of your skin on the botched tattoo area. The plastic surgery method is the quickest way to get rid of old tattoos, but the process involves skin grafting and medical aftercare.

  • Salt Scrub

Salt Scrub acts as a saviour. This method involves over-exfoliation. People who enjoy spas, weekly bath scrubs and those who are used to esthetic skin treatments should select this type of tattoo removal method. A salt scrub is usually the last method to get rid of an eyesore on the skin.

Salt scrubs can be used for an extended period to fade away the tattoo. However, be careful while using the scrub such that it does not hurt or permanently damage your skin.

  • Saline Tattoo Removal

Saline Tattoo Removal is relatively new. It is excellent for permanent pigmentation on the face. Tattoos on the face like permanent makeup, eyebrow staining, and so on can successfully be removed by saline solutions.

Instead of injecting pigments, a saline solution is poured in the eyebrow area. This solution, without causing any pain, helps remove a layer of the skin. You can repeat the procedure for four to six weeks to get the desired result.


Is Tattoo Removal Dangerous?

If one takes proper care, protection, and precautions to remove the tattoo, tattoo removal is not dangerous. You must be sure about the treatment and its results before you opt for tattoo removal. Only if you are convinced about the safety and effectiveness of the product, should you go for the treatment.

Many people fear laser tattoo removal techniques, but in reality, they are the safest procedures. The laser type used is non-ionizing, which does not cause a risk of cancer or abnormal growth of cells.


Will Tattoo removal scar your skin?

The laser is powerful enough to break down the pigment used in the tattoo ink. However, the light does not harm our dermis or epidermis. The laser pulse keeps the dermis cool such that it will not damage the skin irreparably.


Factors that contribute to the success of tattoo removal

It depends upon the number of factors to determine the level of success that one might experience in the treatment of tattoo removal. It all depends upon the shade, age, ink density, and even the location of the tattoo on the body. These factors determine the treatment that is needed for the best tattoo removal.