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Pikmin 3

The Nintendo Wii U is a gaming console having a number of cute games for the whole family to enjoy.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about Pikmin 3. Pikmin 3 is the 3rd installment of the popular Pikmin series. Its predecessor, Pikmin 2, was released many years ago (2004) and Pikmin 3 was delayed and delayed until it was finally released in 2013.

Originally made for the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo claims that it would be better off to be released in the Nintendo Wii U to enjoy the new graphics engine and better controls.

The story is about 3 cute characters namely Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. They are from the planet Koppai and their planet is dying because of famine. They are to set forth on a planet with lush vegetation and they should go home with seeds so that they can restore Koppai to its former glory.

The game then focuses on the planet “PNF-404”. Upon arrival in the atmosphere of the said planet, the ship that the three Koppaite explorers called the “SS Drake” suddenly malfunctioned, hurling all three of them in separate directions.

In the first parts of the game, the story will be more focused on Alph. When Alph awakens, he will be greeted by the friendly Pikmin. The Pikmin are inhabitants of this planet and they are vital to the game’s progression.

The Pikmin that discovered Alph then reunites him with his fellow Koppaites, Brittany and Charlie. Both of them have their own Pikmin friends with them too!

Alph later finds out that an important piece of the SS Drake, the Cosmic Drive Key, was lost during the crash. It was believed that a character named Louie took possession of it. Louie was the partner of Captain Olimar, the main protagonist of the first two Pikmin games. After saving Louie a number of times, Louie always attempts to bring with him the food that the three main characters have gathered.

After getting Louie back, he confessed that the Cosmic Drive Key was actually taken by a creature known as the “Plasma Wraith”.

The game’s main antagonist is none other than the Plasma Wraith. After defeating the Plasma Wraith, Alph and his friends finally recovered the Cosmic Drive Key and went back to their home world.

The ending can be altered slightly. If the player chooses to not get any fruits or seeds, the narrator would say that Koppai is still in trouble. If the player decides to get some fruits during their journey, the narrator would state that Koppai is okay, but it needs more vegetation. And lastly, if the player decides to get all of the fruits, the narrator would say that Koppai is flourishing.

As for the gameplay, Pikmin 3 still uses the same in-game mechanics as that of its predecessors. Alpha and his friends will be accompanied by small creatures called “Pikmin”. The Pikmin have different abilities depending on their type.

They can build bridges, collect spoils and speeds, and they can also help the three Koppaites in defeating enemies.

The game utilizes the Nintendo Wii U’s gamepad really well and the controls are pretty easy and intuitive at the same time.

Although, this game only lasts a couple of hours, the gameplay is quite fun and a lot of people are really digging what this game has to offer.

The Pikmin 3 game for the Nintendo Wii U is a cute and enjoyable title.