In recent years, people have started to take the process of brewing coffee more seriously. This is attested to by the influx of new brewing innovations. Now, you can make yourself a cup of coffee that a trained barista would be proud of. Needless to say, there has never been a better time to study the art of coffee brewing.

By investing in the right tools, you should be able to start your day with the right kind of kick. Of course, the world of brewing can be a bit jarring for beginners who simply don’t know where to start. Luckily, we are here to make things simple for you. Presented below are some tips to get you started down your own caffeine journey.

Brewing Equipment

Before anything else, readers need to understand that there are actually two main brewing methods to choose from. Namely, these are known as the Immersion Brew and the Pour-Over Brew. According to catering experts Perfectly Smoked, if you are new to manual brewing, then you should start with the former before moving on to the latter as you get the hang of how these things work.

If you are looking for an accessible immersion brewer, then the French Press should be your starting point. Widely considered to be the ‘gateway’ coffee brewer, the French Press is incredibly cheap and versatile. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to use. In four minutes’ time, you’d be able to enjoy a full-bodied cup of coffee. The AeroPress and the Clever Dripper come as honourable mentions in this category because of their accessibility and the sheer quality of their coffee.

Once you have become confident enough with your immersion brewer, we recommend that you explore the Pour-Over method. This method is known to produce a clean and sweet cup of coffee. That being said, we recommend that you explore the options available to you. The Chemex, The V60, and the Kalita Wave dominate this particular category as they are among the most popular pour-over brewers on the market today. Just remember that you will also need a gooseneck kettle for this process since even water distribution is a must.

Miscellaneous Requirements

There is more to making a good cup of coffee than just the brewer. As mentioned earlier, it is an entire process that must be handled with great precision and care. Listed below are some of the things you need to get a hold of.

  • Grinder – You will need to acquire a grinder that can give you a consistent and even grind. This is vital if you wish to produce a great-tasting cup. Keep in mind that an inconsistent grind makes for bitter-tasting coffee. Porlex and the Handground are extremely popular options. While the Baratza Encore is a great high-end option for those willing to spend more money on their coffee experience.
  • Filter –You have a number of options here ranging from white and brown paper filters to reusable stainless steel filters.

Brewing a quality cup of coffee has never been easier. So, invest in the right kind of equipment and enjoy!