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Acai berry diet

Before choosing a particular acai berry supplement it is important to be aware that there are two main types; acai berry extract and pure freeze dried acai berry. The later is far more effective and should be part of every acai berry diet, generally when purchasing an extract product the capsule you will also contain many other bulking fillers and far less of the acai that you actually want. For example we provide a pure freeze dried version that contains 600mg of acai berry capsule, if this were in extract form it would be equivalent to 4200mg of extract, so you can easily see how important it is to purchase a pure product.

The Acai berry is harvested from the acai tree and has been harvested for many years. Forming part of the staple diet of Native Americans, the acai berry is full of natural detox properties. The Acai berry became famous with the discovery that it aids the weight loss and was given praise in press, gaining huge publicity in local newspapers, tv shows and magazines. What has the experts so excited about the Acai berry is its combinations of natural anti-oxidants, dietary fiber and many other health promoting nutrients. It is a healthy way to lose weight.

Thought to be the number one superfood on the planet, the Acai berry is taking the fitness and health world by storm. It has replaced the Blueberry as the number one superfood and this tiny berry has changed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people who have taken it.

To be taken efficiently you need to find pure acai berry capsules, these will contain pure freeze dried acai, which has been taken from the berry, freeze dried and turned into a fine powder, this has then been squeezed into capsules to allow you to take it efficiently and eliminate the need to be constantly eating the berrys.

Both Dr. Oz and Oprah have introduced the acai berry diet and one which is effective in the breakdown of fat. The key advantage of the Acai berry is that it helps you in more ways than one, not only does it aid in weight loss, it also offers you many other health benefits such as its antioxidant properties.

Acai Berry Tips

More and more people are becoming health conscious nowadays, and that is because there is a reason to be so. Life has become so simple that people now spend more time sitting down than doing all other physical activities combined. As a result, obesity and heart disease have become so common among people and those affected get younger and younger each generation.

This is why diets and the different components of dieting have become rather famous nowadays. People want to stay healthy, and they run to whatever new thing that comes up that might help in keeping them so. One of the new items that people are fond of is Acai berry, that new plant that is said to have the almost magical capability of allowing people to lose weight.

What is Acai Berry?

So what exactly is Acai berry? It is a purple fruit with a reddish hue that comes from the Acai palm tree, native to Central and South America. It is a berry but it is richer in antioxidants when compared to raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, and it also has anti-aging properties. One thing that is noticeable about these berries is that it also contains amino acids and essential fatty acids that are good for the body. There is no doubt that Acai berry should be part of a good diet.

Debunking the Magic

What you have to know about the Acai berry diet though is that it is not magical as some might say it is. You cannot take a capsule or drink the juice and then lose weight overnight. Here are some things you need to remember:

a) It does not replace meals – although the berry is known to be full of what the body needs, it is not something that gives everything the body needs. Meals have to be taken so that the body would get all the nutrients needed to function normally. Some people think that this could supply all essential nutrients and end up getting sick. They do lose weight, but not in the healthy way that a normal person should.

b) It has to be taken under supervision – ask your doctor about a diet pill before taking it in, even if it is an all natural item such as acai berry. There are some people who are allergic to berries, and others have certain conditions that need to be monitored when a diet is followed. To be sure that you are not harmed when following a diet, you must consult your physician. He would know which would be safe for you and if there are some things you must avoid during the diet.

c) You still need to follow a healthy diet and a good physical regimen – taking acai berry does not give you the license to binge. It is true that the berry does have fiber and a number of other things that could help in boosting your health, but one key ingredient to healthy weight loss is a healthy body. Eat the right food and start exercising. This would increase your body’s weight loss and make you a lot healthier.

Should you try it?

So many people have tried the acai berry diet and have achieved success, because the acai berry does help you lose weight. What you do have to remember is that it is an aid, and not the main item that contributes to weight loss. Live a healthy lifestyle, use acai berry as recommended and that just might be the last time that you would have to diet in your life. Just remember that once you achieve what you want, then you just need to maintain your activities in order to maintain your body.