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Overwatch More Sombra Clues Have Surfaced

So, Overwatch Summer Games patch has just ended and the company is now busy perfecting their newest patch that will include a host of character balances and, of course, a new map based in Germany called “Eichenwalde”.

While that may be the case, a new clue about Sombra has just surfaced and it drove the Overwatch community nuts.

There was this website that had a countdown timer. Once the countdown timer reached 100%, another website opened up revealing a message that translates to “Well done, you now have my key. Hacking that TV show was no fun. Wait for what’s next”. Using the hoverboard, also known as the swegway, you can do tricks and more using the built in electric motors

Apparently, Sombra is not only rumored to be a stealthy character but he/she is also an experienced hacker as well.

Another clue has also surfaced stating that something is going to happen soon in the game. Does that indicate that Sombra will finally reveal himself/herself? Only time will tell.

Because of these recent clues, the Overwatch community went nuts and a lot of people are now investigating it.

As a lot of people might have speculated, many people believe that Sombra will be out in the coming weeks (probably in September).

A lot of people also believed that the countdown timer was actually an indication that Blizzard will formally announce the character to appease everyone.

Unfortunately, a reveal or even an announcement of the upcoming character wasn’t there. As of this time of writing, there is still no official reveal of Sombra.

I think this is just Blizzard’s way of poking fun to the Overwatch community. But, I also love it this way because they truly want to be close to the players.

In light with the recently released clues, I firmly believe that Sombra will be available sooner rather than later.

In other news, there is a recent bug that’s been plaguing the console versions of the game. The bug was dubbed as the “aim assist issue”.

Now, the aim assist is a feature that was implemented in the console versions of the game because the company believes that it is a bit harder to play FPS games like Overwatch in the said gaming platform.

I mean, using a game controller to play FPS games is much, much harder compared to using a mouse and keyboard.

Now, the feature, on the surface, is actually good but there is a problem with its current implementation.

You see, whenever a player character jumps to another location, for example, the aim assist would always put the character’s vision downwards instead of staying put.

This, in turn, makes it even harder to aim at enemies correctly because the player’s aim will automatically be pointing down.

Blizzard has acknowledged the issue thanks to the many reports about it and they are now working on a fix for this. Hopefully, the patch will be implemented soon.

So, are you excited about Sombra? Do you think Blizzard will reveal her soon? I really hope so!

Overwatch is an FPS game and is available on the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One game consoles.