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Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse

When gaming peripheral companies create peripherals for gamers, they usually have a specific niche in mind. Since there are a lot of games out there; from MOBA to FPS, these peripheral companies make sure that they create a product suited for a particular niche.

But, what if you just want to have an all-around mouse? Luckily, Corsair actually made a mouse for a variety of gaming niches.

Introducing the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse. This gaming mouse has a 4-zone lighting capability as well as Omron switches that can withstand up to 20-million clicks.

To know more about the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse, here are its features:

  • Ultra light-weight – Just 100g total weight. React more quickly and play longer with less fatigue
  • Four-zone 16.8 million color backlighting – Enjoy virtually infinite customization
  • 8,200 DPI laser sensor and multi-color DPI indicator – Confident, high-accuracy tracking makes every click count
  • 8 programmable buttons – Fully configurable layout for personalized play
  • CUE software – Slick and intuitive Corsair Utility Engine gives you performance tuning and customization control
  • High-performance switches – custom designed for gaming, with fast response and high reliability
  • Comfortable claw-grip design – optimized grip points for fast reaction and lifting
  • 1,000 Hz USB refresh rate – lag-free responsiveness for fast play

Pro gamers agree that you need to have a good mouse if you want to win big. The Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse can be that mouse because of its amazing features. The gaming mouse only weighs a total of 100g, which is ultra light-weight.

As for the performance, the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse is fitted with a Laser sensor that has a maximum of 8,200 DPI. Most players usually stick to less than 2000 DPI, but if you fancy more than that, you will have that option open.

Since the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse is catered for the general gamer, it also has 8 programmable buttons. You can put macros and certain key combinations by using the proprietary Corsair Utility engine.

The Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse also has a lag-free response time thanks to its 1,000 Hz USB Refresh rate. I have seen this trend from Corsair for quite a while, and they also include this feature in their keyboards as well. Enjoy lag-free response times because it can spell a win or lose!

As far as aesthetics goes, the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse has 4-lighting zones you can tweak. The first one is the logo, the second one is the DPI indicator, the third is just below the scroll wheel and the fourth is at the front of the mouse. You have 16.8 million colors to choose from and you can also assign different light effects as well.

If you have a Corsair gaming keyboard, such as the K70 RGB, the profile you used in the keyboard will also be used with the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse, making it a complete light show!

All in all, the Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse is an absolutely fantastic mouse, and for a price of only $60, you get a beautiful and competitive gaming mouse that are suited for every gamer’s needs.